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07/01/11 05:53 PM #1    

Jacque Jensen (Taylor)

If any of you have any information regarding any of our missing classmates or if you have actual obituary notices of those who have passed on, please send all the information to me that you can so I can get this as up to date as possible.  Please send information either through the contact page on this website or you can send it to me at  Thanks for your help!

05/02/12 10:35 AM #2    

William D. Cranney

yes, we have found addresses for both Barry and lloyd.

06/11/12 05:12 PM #3    

Gary Nephi Campbell

     I have located RUSSELL BACKUS; I had a nice talk with him.  His info is below.  Please add him to our mailing list and take him off our missing classmate list.  His information is as follows:

Address 3938 Wilcoxson Dr, Fairfax, VA 22031
Phone # 703-953-8046, e-mail

     I've located a DAVID BUTCHER. Unfortunatly he has died. I believe he is our classmate.  His DOB was 06/05/43, his  DOD 1/10/05 in Lancaster, CA 

06/12/12 09:17 PM #4    

Gary Nephi Campbell

I located LAURENCE DUNN and had a nice chat with him.  His info is as follows:  E-mail, address 2772 W Allred Cir Taylorsville, UT 84129, Phone # 801-967-8262.

06/13/12 01:18 PM #5    

Gary Nephi Campbell

Have info on 7 more classmates:

  KARYLLEE ASHTON Rodabough, 743 W 1999 S Woods Cross, UT 84087, Phone # 801-292-9317, e-mail

JUDY BARTHOLOMEW Hill, Address 10828 W Sun city Blvd, Sun City, AZ 85351, Phone # 623-977-6174, e-mail

ELWIN BEAMONT, 1516 S 50 E, Orem, UT 84058, Phone 801-224-0439, e-mail

MICHAELl BINGHAM, 4114 W Stonefield Rd, Thiensville, WI, Phone 262-242-8001, e-mail

FRED BRERETON, 14250 N 11809 E, MT Pleasant, UT 84647, Phone # 435-462-5700, e-mail

Edward Buys, 654 Country club Tooele, UT 84074, Phone #435-882-5232, e-mail

MARY BOWAN Garlick,  559 N 200 W Lehi, UT 84043,  Phone # 801-766-8070, e-mail

Hope this helps.  We are working on the missing list more to come soon.


07/29/12 01:56 PM #6    


Alan Jenkins

Former students may be easier to find if we had their full names to Google with.  Using myself as an example, my full name is Maurice Alan Jenkins, and I have published some scientific periodical articles on ornithology under the name of M. Alan Jenkins, but I went by my middle name of Alan, except in the 5th grade at Westover Elementary when I was known as Maurice---a long sad story :-(.

Full names might be available from Orem High School records (you know, the dreaded "PERMANENT RECORD").

01/22/14 08:37 AM #7    

Craig Stewart

Hola from Mexico.  I am trying to find out what happened to Charles Jarvis.  He won the one week at my beach house in Tulum at our reunion, but I haven't heard anything from him and its been over a year now.  Could someone check and see if he is still interested or if not he can raffle it off to some other member of our class.  To check dates of availability its at  The times available that we offered were from April to November 15th of any year.  Hope Charles sees this or there is someway someone else can use his week and donate something to Eileen's charity.   Hope all is well, Craig Stewart

01/22/14 02:46 PM #8    

Jacque Jensen (Taylor)

Craig, I don't have any contact informaton for him Charles Jenkins, not even on Facebook.  You might contact Gary Campbell or Jim Rawson to see if they can get in touch with me... I know Gary did a lot of the contact work for the reunion.  Boy, if I had won that week I'd have used it, that's for sure!! :)  Good luck!

04/27/17 09:55 AM #9    

Chris Allen

Chris Allen,

I live in Boise, Idaho, quite a distance from the Motherland (Orem). I am also  'social media' challenged, so it would really be helpful if an obituary could be included in the notification of the passing of our classmates.  As I read them it often brings to mind great times we enjoyed together.  Sometimes it promps a call(s) to a mutual friend(s).  So, to whom ever is responsible for this websight...Thank you, Chris

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