Jacque Jensen Taylor

Profile Updated: February 15, 2020
Residing In: Salt Lake City USA
Spouse/Partner: Robert C. Taylor, deceased
Occupation: Caregiver
Children: Twin girls:
Nikki Jensen (deceased), born 1966, 4 children, 13 grandchildren
Korri Jensen Gledhill, More…born 1966, 4 children, 4 grandchildren
Two stepchildren:
Deven Taylor, born 1955, no children
Michelle (Taylor) Erickson, born 1958, 4 children

After graduating from Orem High, I started work in the secretarial field for Hercules Powder Company in Bacchus, Utah, and moved to Salt Lake City. I later moved back to Utah County and worked for Geneva Steel in the billing and invoicing department, then got married and moved back to Salt Lake City and worked for IBM, Northwest Pipeline, and Ford, Bacon and Davis. I decided to start working from home and formed my own clerical services company where I did work for many clients in many fields such as a Russian translator, a psychologist, and some commercial engineers.

I have graduated from Kaplan University in November 2013 with my bachelor's degree in Health and Wellness. I graduated in 2015 from University of Phoenix with a master's degree in psychology. I have worked as an office assistant for a doctor of oriental medicine and a licensed acupuncturist. I am currently providing caregiving services.

You can always find me on Facebook (Jacque Jensen Taylor). I am currently a continuing member of AHDI (Association of Healthcare Documentation Integrity), having held many offices and serving 3 years on the national board of directors. Before that, I worked as a medical transcriptionist after going through education online for that profession at MTEC (Medical Technology Education Center).

On a personal note, I have been married 3 times (the last and final one stuck and have been married since 1985... took me a long time but finally found my prince). My husband's name is Robert Charles Taylor, born in Ogden in 1933 and graduated from Weber High in 1952. He is an avid golfer and is a long-time member at Alpine Country Club. He served in the Army in his younger years. After that he worked for the Government at Hill Air Force Base and was also stationed in Iran when the Shah was deposed (quite a story, but I can't tell it nearly as effectively as he can).

I was fortunate enough to have been chosen to live and work in the island paradise of Barbados for a year (2009) teaching medical transcription to their citizens, and made many new and wonderful friends. I left a good part of my heart on that island when I left. If I ever disappear, you can probably find me very easily at the local beach, Folkestone, on that beautiful island.

School Story:

Not real active in high school, usually walked around with my head down looking at the ground as I was very quiet and shy. Not many people would believe that now. Richard Dastrup and Jeri Kramer were my 2 favorite teachers. Loved choir and loved singing in the Messiah performance every year under Mr. Dastrup. Was devastated when he left in our senior year but he always remained in my heart. Mrs. Kramer was very outspoken and I really admired that quality in her. Also enjoyed and became proficient in business education including Gregg shorthand, which I still use, and typing (now called keyboarding). My favorite classes were choir, English, shorthand, type. Did not care for physical education classes at all as I was not very well coordinated, extremely short, and too shy to mix with a group.

One thing I will never forget is that at our graduation ceremony they mistakenly announced my name as "Jackie Jenkins" (a fellow classmate) as I walked across the stage, although they had just announced her and handed her her diploma! Strange what sticks in your mind.

Most of my friends were in the class of 1963 including Alice Payne, Steve Clark, Dianne Nielson, Boyd Jolley. To this day most of my close friends are younger than I am. Just seem to try to stay young that way!

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Thank you Nola, appreciate it very much.

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Happy birthday, Arthur! :)

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Happy birthday, Janice! :0)

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Happy birthday Ann! Hope you have a wonderful day! :0)

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Happy birthday, Sandra! :0)

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Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day!! :0)

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